Hadis Fard (XEL)

Hadis Fard (xel) is a human being, a plant ally, living, and creating on the ancestral land of Squamish and Shishalh nations. She is a m artist, sound and visual composer, and poet using sound, music, geometry, and code to create multi-sensory experiences and bridge art x tech. She holds master of computer science, and has had a non-linear path in her creative journey. Hadis’ muses are rooted in eco-feminine, mythology, spirituality, and collective consciousness.

She has performed and exhibited in various festivals and venues locally and internationally. Her works have been exhibited in ArsElectronica (NYC garden), Neo Shibuya Museum (Tokyo, Japan), TheaterLab (NYC, US), Vancouver New Music (Vancouver, BC), has performed in various festivals, and she has published science articles in prestigious IEEE journal. Her works have been acknowledged by Canada Council of Arts. Hadis’ purpose and community service is to live by the earth oriented practices within communities and bring the integrated authentic feminine voice in areas less heard, she finds community in diversity.

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