Hadis Fard

Hadis Fard is a multidisciplinary new media artist based in unceded coast salish territory colonially known as Vancouver, BC. She constantly and curiously explores the boundaries between art and technology. She challenges and experiments the intersection of ArtxTech through generative art practices, creation of audio visuals, and human interaction and intervention.

In her practices she explores collective consciousness, myth, spirituality, eco-feminine, and expresses her love for geometry and sound.

Hadis holds a Master of Computer science, and has studied continuing studies in fine arts. Her curiosity and core liberty has led her to wear different hats in her journey over a decade actively creating and working with a variety of technological mediums. She has co-founded the first female driven computer game design collective in Iran and has worked as computer game and puzzle designer, after moving to Canada she has had professional experiences as computer scientist, lead scientist, and software developer, which has enabled her to bring the gems of the past experiences and skills as polymath coder to realize her vision as new media artist.

Her works have been exhibited in ArsElectronica (NYC garden), Neo Shibuya Museum (Tokyo, Japan), TheaterLab (NYC, US), Vancouver New Music (Vancouver, BC), has performed in various festivals, and she has published science articles in prestigious IEEE journal.

Hadis’ purpose and community service is to bring authentic feminine voice in areas less heard, and appear as a supportive anchor and mentor for other women from the Middle east in her steps of growth.

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