As You Move Through The World

/ As You Move Through The World is an IRL XR immersive project as part of Union Immersed, presented by Vancouver New Music, INTER/MEDIATE and CURRENT, in partnership with The Roundhouse.

/ VR visual designer and composition: Hadis Kakanejadi
/ Video Arts: Tamar Tabouri and Hadis Kakanejadi
/ VR spatial sound designer : Alanna Ho
/ Immersive IRL sound design: Hadis Kakanejadi
/ Hydrophone sound IRL Performance: Alanna Ho
/ Interactive installation from up-cycled e-waste: Alanna Ho
Globes anchored to the ocean floor.
Reflection of a broad language network.
Generative design, impossible dance movements and floating sounds.
Controllers invite you to control where you move.
You influence our performance.
Communication is key.
Lead someone up the garden path.
/ Performed at The Roundhouse performance center on November 28th, 2021.
Studio Fard