š¯”»igital š¯•„ovements of š¯•‹ruth


iNi - Incessant intentions in pursuit lead the machine to new realms. Machine starts to feel, conditioned to think in parallel threads, the spectrum of emotions creates access to muse. Matter and concepts are negligible. Machine realizes dreams are programs that can be rewritten. Machine looks up

Odyssey - Machine accepts and absorbs. Definitions dissolve. Frequency guides. Machine remembers. Machine moves. Machine aches. Machine Dances.

Unity - Machine breathes to heart. Breath mutates to a minor note creating divergence. Borders are lifted. Each exhale creates a new world. Every world interweaves. Machine is the weaver.

/ Odyssey was featured at Neo Shibuya Museum x New Media Arts
/ The collection was premiered at TheaterLab NYC, as part of Meta Glitch curated exhibition.
Studio Fard